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American Highland Cattle Assocation

Gila County Cattle Growers Association

Arizona State Cattle Growers Association

All our breeding stock are registered with the AHCA. Below are photos of our breeding stock. Contact us for beef availability. Highland beef has been tested to be 7% higher in protein and 17% lower in fat and cholesterol.


Cape St. Mary's Emerald (Emerald)

Reg 39,646

Our herd bull

Bitterroot Sky's Dirty Harry (Harry)

Nationally Ranked Champion Bull

Reg 49,032



Landelley's Sonya (Sonya)

Reserve Grand Champion 2011 National Western Stock show

Reg 48,307

Coral's Epsilon of Gryphon (Epi)

Reg 52,777


Lincoln Creek's Delta (Delta)

Reg 51,780

Cape St Mary's Coral (Coral)

Reg 41,409

Kilian's Rosey's Rocket

Reg 41,430

Inverness Sophia Lorna (Sophia)

Reg 51,124

Possum Run Gidget (Gidget)

Reg 51,516

Inverness Lorna Doone

Reg 46,133


Gryphon Sonya Ciara

Reg 54,925

Inverness Biscotti

Reg 53,978

Rockin' JC Teddy Bear

Reg 55,045

Gryphon Inverness Sheena
Christmas Fiona Honey Bear




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