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Are you looking for beef that is naturally lower in fat and cholesterol?

Are you looking for beef that is higher in protein?

Do you want humanely raised naturally grazing beef with NO antibiotics, NO corn, NO GMO - only fed grass and natural forage and allowed to range and breed naturally?

Watch our video on how we raise our animals

Then give us a call or text us at 253 279 3291 or 253 861 7149or email us! We encourage you to come to the ranch to see how your beef is being raised. You have a choice of all grass fed and grass finished Brangus beef or Highland beef. Brangus beef will have more marbeling and a more traditional beef flavor. Highland beef will be very lean with a more intense and almost sweet flavor. Gryphon Ranch is the only Highland beef operation in Arizona.

To provide you the very best meat possible we do not load our animals into a trailer and send them to a USDA facility. Your beef is slaughtered right here at the ranch so there is no stress to the animal and then dry aged for two weeks to ensure the maximum tenderness. Only then is your beef cut and wrapped YOUR way right here at the ranch by an Arizona licensed abattoir - 100% to your order - all included in the price below. Your beef is born here, raised here and cut and wrapped you. You know you are getting YOUR meat!

The price includes everything - no extras - no surprises! We charge by the hanging weight which is the weight after the animal is butchered without head, horns, hide or organs. Typically a Highland is around 400-500 pounds hanging weight for a full animal. The Brangus run slightly larger - 450-550 pounds for the full animal. In compliance with Arizona state law and Federal law we can sell only by the full, half or quarter animal. Please let us know if you want the bones and/or any of the organ meat. That is all included in the price.

We have only a fixed number of animals each year. Remember that it takes almost 3 years to grow an animal to be ready for you. Once you have enjoyed grass fed and grass finished beef - we know you will be spoiled. Come visit the ranch, see how your beef is raised and get a free package to taste to make sure you will enjoy your beef. Grass fed beef has a different flavor than store bought - you are tasting real beef! We guarantee your beef - if you don't like it then we will take it back and reimburse you for what you return.

Prices for 2018 are below. Remember that this INCLUDES everything including custom cut and wrap to your specifications. Delivery is also available for an additional fee of $50 for the greater Phoenix area or Tucson area. The next harvest will be in August which will be both Highland and Brangus. We expect that the next harvest to be in February and will also be Highland and Brangus.

$7.25 a pound hanging weight for purchasing a whole animal

$7.50 a pound hanging weight for purchasing a half animal

$8.00 a pound hanging weight for purchasing a quarter animal

SAVE MONEY by sharing - Consider sharing an animal with a neighbor, family or friend and save money for both of you. If four of you split a full animal then you each get your quarter cut the way you want it and you each pay the reduced price for the whole animal rather than the quarter price.

Please plan on reserving your beef early since we tend to sell out each year. Reserve now for August. We ask for a non refundable $100 deposit to hold your reservation. Please mail your deposit to PO Box 1432, Globe, AZ 85502

If you are new to purchasing beef, please refer our FAQ's.

Delta and Gidget - two of our breeding stock

Our herd bull - Harry

Where your beef ranges during the day



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