Lincoln Creek Valley - 12 miles west of Centralia, WA

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Gryphon Ranch for Sale

TRAINING! Yes, we are continuing to train pointing dogs and specialize in the versatile gun dogs. Please contact us or (360) 736 0674 on how we can help you train your own gun dog using the Gibbons/West training approach.

HAY! We are sold out for the season. Contact us for availability. A neighbor has availability - call Neal at (360) 827-0358

NATURALLY RAISED ALL GRASS FED BEEF AND REGISTERED HIGHLAND CATTLE! Our cattle are allowed free range on the ranch to graze naturally. We never feed grain, hormones or anything other than grass and fresh water. Our breeding stock are all registered with the American Highland Cattle Association. We take reservations for beef or breeding stock.

Please call us at (360) 736-0674 or e-mail.

We are located at 1760 Lincoln Creek Road, Rochester, WA 98579


White paper on the Korthals Griffon - purebred or hybrid? You decide

Join the Authentic Korthals Griffon Movement - Korthals Griffon Club of America


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